Agro-Economic Research Centre

The AGRO-ECONOMIC RESEARCH CENTRE (AERC)After the initiation of the era of planned development in India, need was felt for carrying out studies for proper understanding of the changes occurring in the structure and functioning of village economy and other specific problems arising from time to time. With this background Agro-Economic Research Centers were established in various agro-climatic regions of the country. The Agro-Economic Research Centre (AERC) at the Himachal Pradesh University was established in December 1972 by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India to carry out research and investigations in the field of Agricultural Economics in Western Himalayan Region consisting of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. This is one of the 12 AER Centers established by the Government of India. 
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Faculty of AER Centre:

Dr. Ranveer Singh, M.Sc (Agril), M.Phil., (Agril.Econ.), Ph. D.                    
Officer Incharge/Head
Dr. C.S. Vaidya, M.Sc. (Agril. Econ.), Ph. D.                                         
Senior Research Officer/Reader
Dr. Satya Parkash Saraswat, M.Sc (Agri.Econ.), Ph.D.                             
Research Investigator
Dr. Manohar Lal Sharma, M.A. (Econ), Ph. D                                         
Research Investigator
Dr. (Mrs.) Meenakshi Sharma, M.A. (Econ.), Ph. D.                                
Statistical Assistant
Dr. Pratap Singh, M.Sc. (Agril. Econ.), Ph. D.                                         
Research Investigator
Mr. Narender Kumar Sharma, M.A. (Econ.)                                            
Research Investigator
Mr. Khem Raj Sharma, B.A.                                                                

Administrative Staff

Mr. Sita Ram Sharma, Senior Asstt.                                                     
Mr. Devi Dutt Sharma,  Asstt.                                                           
Mrs.Meera Verma, Typist                                                                   
Mr. Chaman Lal, Clerk                                                                       
Mr. Amer Chand Sharma, Machine-man                                                
Mr. Daulat Ram Sharma, Peon                                                           
Mr. Krishan Chand Sharma, Chowkidar                                                 
Mr. Kalyan Chand Rana, Driver                                                          
Mrs Sandhya Devi, Sweeper   


The faculty members are involved in guiding Ph. D and M. Phil students of Department of Economics, Geography. Till date the faculty has guided more than 25 Ph.D. scholars.  Currently, the faculty members are supervising seven Ph.D. students of H.P. University.  They are also involved in conducting evaluation work, paper setting of Ph. D, M.A, M.Sc (Agril) and B.Sc (Agril, Forestry, Horticulture) students of other Universities.  The faculty members have been involved in lesson writing and delivering lectures in PCP of ICDEOL of H.P. University.

Trainings/Seminars Organized

The faculty is regularly associated with training programmes for farmers, agricultural markets traders, officers of Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Husbandry departments of Government of Himachal Pradesh organized by the Himachal Pradesh Marketing Board and State Agriculture Management and Extension Training Institute (SAMITI), Himachal Pradesh Institute of Public Administration (HIPA) and other departments. Nearly 3000 farmers have been provided training on various aspects of commercial farming.
The AER Centre organized a weeklong training programme on Environmental Economics for media persons and Non-Government Organizations during 23-28 September 2002.  This training programme was sponsored by the World Bank.
The AER Centre in collaboration with Institute of Integrated Himalayan Studies, Himachal Pradesh University organised a Seminar on Strategies for Sustainable Livelihood Systems Development in Himalayan Region, on March 24, 2003


Policy and Problem Oriented Studies
The Centre undertook problem-oriented studies; such studies became the main research activity of the Centre. These studies generally involved, (i) evaluation of certain development programs initiated by the government in rural areas, and (ii) assessment of an overall impact of development programs on different sections of the rural population.
While program evaluation and impact evaluation studies continue to dominate the work program of the Centre even now, a large number of ad-hoc policy oriented studies have also been undertaken over these years. The research studies carried out by AER Centre cover a wide spectrum of issues in the field of agricultural economy. The Centre has completed 170 problem oriented and policy related studies up to March 2008.  The faculty of AERC has to its credit more than 500 research papers (Details available at published in national and international journals of repute. The Centre has published 11 books on agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, forestry and rural development aspects. Copies of the completed studies are available in the Center’s library for consultation.

Providing Technical Advice

The Center’s faculty has been providing technical assistance and guidance to post-graduate and research students of the H.P. University and other Indian Universities on problems of agricultural economy. A large number of foreign visitors, students of agricultural economics and experts, interested in studying problems of Himalayan economy have also been provided assistance by the Centre. The prominent among these visitors include Johan W. Mellor, Agricultural Economist of international repute, various delegations from ICIMOD, delegation from Nepal Government, World Bank, GTZ, USAID, Asian Development Bank, Ford Foundation, South Asia Institute, Heidelberg, Germany, AUSAID, etc.

Conferences/Seminars/Workshops/Symposia Attended

The faculty members regularly attend national and international Conferences/ Seminars/Workshops/Symposia for dissemination of their research work and for keeping them updated on the current trends and developments in the fields of agricultural economics/rural development and related fields.  The international exposure was provided even to the farmers when some of them were taken to Nepal for attending the workshop/seminars.

Expertise of the Centre

The AER Centre has expertise in conducting impact evaluation and economic feasibility studies for Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal husbandry, Forestry and Rural Development related activities. Besides studies assigned by the Government of India, the AER Centre has conducted studies sponsored by the State Departments of Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal husbandry, Forest Farming, Rural Development and Tribal development. The impact evaluation and economic feasibility studies for of World Bank, GTZ, USAID, ICIMOD, CIP, NJPC, and SJVNL have also been carried out by the AER Centre. 

  1. The Center expertises in conducting techno economic feasibility of agricultural projects
  2.  Monitoring of agricultural projects and re-settlement and re-habitation
  3. Impact evaluation of agricultural projects / programs / schemes and re-settlement and re-habitation activities
  4.  Cost studies of agricultural and horticultural crops and animal husbandry products
  5.  Production and marketing system analysis of agricultural, horticultural, forestry and livestock and allied sectors.
Last Reviewed/Updated: 26 July, 2018